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Web Design

At Afrolet Creations, we build top notch website to the taste of our clients at affordable costs within the shortest time possible

Digital Marketing

Do you want your products or business to reacher large audience/customers? Then bank us to help you with that

Video Editing

We can handle all your video editing works like slideshows, video adverts/product promo, motion graphics etc

App and Software Dev't

Do you need Mobile Apps or PC Software to ease your office work? We are on the forefront to help you achieve that

Graphics/UI-UX Designs

We also weigh our services on creative graphics design and UI/UX design projects for our respective clients

Web Maintenance

We can help you ensure your website have guaranteed uptime as we help you sought out errors users encounter on site

IT Seminar

We collaborate with top organizations and firms to run up ICT trainings for participants interested in the ICT field

IT Consultation

Do you need relevent consultation services in the aspect of ICT? Then let us be the face you consult on such matters

72% Discount on Portfolio Websites

One aspect of branding is to set up your company live on the internet for people to easily know more about your company
We are here to help you set up your company portfolio website for as low as N28,000 and offer lasts only for the next 3 months

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